Type Service

Lift Type regularly designs tailored typefaces, and we can also modify our existing typefaces for a particular requirement . Our type service includes glyphs addition, glyphs modification, development of new weights, italics, variable fonts, extensions of language support.

If you are a designer with a dawning type design projet, we can help you to refine a typeface by reviewing design details, cleaning the drawing, spacing, kerning and mastering.

We can also work together to build a brand identity with custom lettering, logo or word mark refinements and development.

Contact us about your project:

  • From dirt to dust

    2 weights (regular & poster) with many alternates, 2015 — Graphic design by Look Specific

  • Printemps de l'Art Contemporain Marseille

    2 weights (Regular & Bold), 2017/18 — Graphic design by Nicolas Aubert

  • Mac Lyon

    1 weight (created to be stretched) with many alternates, 2016 — Graphic design by Look Specific

  • Occitanie Films

    1 weight for the global branding of Occitanie Films, 2019

  • Troa digital

    5 weights (thin, light, regular, medium and bold) for the branding of Troa, 2019