Lift Type is an independent type foundry based in Montpellier, France. Since 2014, we offer retail or custom fonts, and sometimes free limited edition typefaces for specific events.


Lift Type
48 Avenue du Pont Juvenal
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)6 26 96 61 21
[email protected]


Co-founder / direction:
Romain Oudin

Nicolas Aubert

Type design:
Romain Oudin, Bouk Ra, Antoine Brun, ImageFormat, Morgane Vantorre, Sébastien Sanfilippo, Julie Soudanne, Manuel de Lignières

Troa digital

Social network:
Romain Pisa

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    Basic Licenses grant you the rights to use each Lift Type’s digital fonts for any use : desktop, website (with 0-50k views/per month), app (with 0-50k downloads), ePub (with 0-50k downloads), Social media (under 50k followers).

    Level 1

    Freelancer: One end user (1 computer).
    Nominative license for person working independently.

    Level 2

    Small: Up to five end users.
    Companies with 2 to 5 computers in the same workplace.

    Level 3

    Medium: Up to ten end users.
    Companies with 6 to 10 computers in the same workplace.

    Level 4

    Large: Up to twenty end users.
    Companies with 11 to 20 computers in the same workplace.


    Over 20 computers and/or End users, over 150K website views/per month, over 50K app downloads, over 50K ePub downloads, over 50K followers across all social media platforms, for global branding license or if the font is the main element of a branding project, please write to LIFT TYPE by email and explain your needs and we will send you an adapted quotation.



    • Use the font for personal and commercial works
    • Use the font at a single home or business location
    • Use the font in a single website up to 50K views/per month (upgrades and number of views options are available)
    • Use the font in a single app up to 50K downloads, a single ePub up to 50K downloads, on social media up to 50K followers on all platforms (contact us to upgrade)
    • Embedding the font in a PDF and other similar documents

    Not allowed:

    • Use more than your level of license. Number of user, website page view, downloads for app and ePub, or followers on social medias please contact us to upgrade your license
    • Sell, copy or redistribute the font without our permission
    • Give to your clients or collaborators the font files. They has to buy a license too
    • Modify, adapt, disassemble, rename, decompile, extract, alter, merge it with other software, use codes (even partial) or the typeface design contained in the font
    • Convert the font file to an other font formats
    • Complete the glyph set, or create derivative works based on our font, such as redesigning some characters (contact us for a custom version)
    • Use a single glyph of our typeface as a logotype or monogram
    • Use the font, or a single glyph, in any NFT (Non Fungible Token) artwork without prior our permission.

    Trial fonts

    Our trial version only contains the basic characters needed to test the typeface (Uppercases, lowercases and numbers). All you need is to create an account to download it. The Trial versions contain only OTF desktop format.
    The trial version only includes the OTF desktop format.
    The trial license enables you to use the font exclusively for non-commercial purposes and only for single-print designs. More info: trial license.

    Free fonts

    Sometimes we offer free font licenses for limited times. Our free fonts are only beta versions, while our commercial typefaces are often updated with fixed bugs, cleaned kerning, extended character sets, new alternates and language support. If you’ve had the chance to download a free limited edition of our typeface in the past, you have accepted an EULA at that moment and it is still valid today (the font is free for personal and commercial use for print only). If you wish to upgrade your license for web use, or to obtain the latest version of the typeface, you will need to buy a commercial license.

    Student discounts

    We offer an 80% discount for students. It’s a basic level 1 License. Licenses acquired with a student discount keeps its validity after the studies termination. If you are a student and you wish to purchase some of our products, contact us at: [email protected]. Select the font(s) you want and and give us your complete informations, your school and your Student ID. We will send you a coupon code valid for 7 days. This discount is not available for teachers or universities, but if you are representing a school, and wish to purchase some of our products, please feel free to contact us.

    Font updates and upgrades

    If you have purchased a licence and you would like to obtain a family’s update, or to upgrade your license (Single font to a complete family, adding more users, more web page views, more app or ePub downloads), contact us at [email protected] giving us all the informations needed so that we can send you a coupon code.
    If you want to update or upgrade a free font license, you will need to buy a commercial license.

    Language supports

    All our typefaces are suitable for Latin Languages (European Western, Central, South Eastern). You are able to view each of the typeface’s glyphs by downloading the PDF specimen. If you need to extend our font support to other languages, please contact us for a custom version, as it is possible for us to extend it or work on new languages such as Cyrilic or greek.

    Variable fonts

    Currently we are not offering variable fonts. Indeed, it cannot be adapted to some of our families such as Parade or Vroom Gti. We may upgrade some of our typefaces when the format will be fully allowed in softwares and browsers. If you need a variable font for one of the typefaces of our catalog, you can contact us to discuss possibilities.

    Custom and bespoke fonts

    If you need something specific for a project, you can contact us for a custom typeface (glyphs addition, modification, new weights development, italics, variable fonts, language support extensions…). We can also work on tailored typefaces, or build a brand identity with custom lettering, logo, word mark refinements and development.

    Questions and support

    If you need anything else, feel free to send us an email, our support team is available in French and English and here to answer your questions as fast as possible